Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

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Having a pet, more especially a dog, can have its own share of pros and cons. It takes special responsibility and effort to be able to give the right care and provide security to the dog. As for having a wireless dog fence review, it is important for a dog owner to think of creative ways to keep the dog within the boundary of the fence, and that he does not cause trouble to outsiders, especially to your neighbor’s pet and property.

There are actually few alternatives in containing your pet within the corners of your yard. Fencing is the one of the common method used. There are actually several kinds of fencing that can be used for your dog, that includes: wooden, brink fence and chain link fences.

The newest trend in fencing that is being used by a number of pet owners is an invisible fence.

Before trying to go through different assessments on the product, it is very much important to understand and know the functions of an invisible dog fence. The equipment actually contains a set of a boundary wire and a dog collar. If you opt for a wireless invisible dog fence, the package only contains a collar that works as a cellular phone.

The wired fence on the other hand, comes along with a lengthy wire of 400 m that you will need to burry under the ground. The wire and collar are joined together with a small device that sends radio signals whenever the dog reaches to the area of the boundary. It first gives the dog warning through a beeping sound. If the dog still continues to cross the boundary, the collar gives off a mild static.

With this, the dog owner should be able train the dog to understand the meaning of the beep of the first warning.

Having an invisible fence can act actually be very beneficial to a dog owner. It is very effective and doesn’t require much maintenance. The only maintenance you have to worry about it changing the collar’s battery every 3-4 months.

It can cover an area of more than 25 acres of land. An invisible fence can be used on a puppy that is 8 months old and above. With toy dogs, the pet is required to be at least 2.5 lbs.

Reviews state that this product is doesn’t require much effort to install and could work greatly once you are able to educate your dog about it. It is great for travelling because you can easily move it from one location to another. This factor of the product gives a good feedback in reviews.

Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

However, there are still a few things that are brought up in several reviews. One of which is, having to take off the collar during the night so irritation can be prevented on the dog’s skin. It is also said that if your dog has a thick fur, you would need to cut a patch of it in order for him to feel the static of the collar. There are also other things that cannot be overlooked, such as putting the fence in storm prone area.

The owner would also have to check whether his/her dog can tolerate the collar’s electric shock. The shock might somehow cause panic to the dog, that’s why using this product comes with an effort of training your dog well. Another downside of this could also be the added cost.

Invisible fences can be quite expensive, and it can also add up to an increase on your electricity.